- Untitled (Blue Oyster), presented in TRACE MUSIC, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin
- Untitled (Jan 2) w/ Chris Wratt, Audio Foundation, Auckland

Untitled (St. James theatre resonance project: a sonic phenomenology of space and place)Projectspace B431, Auckland
Bunker Resonance at Ft. TakapunaSculpture on the Shore, Fort Takapuna, Auckland


Hours After Hoursradia.fm
In Vacant SpaceAudacious Festival of Sonic Arts, Christchurch


- Untitled (traffic), The Audio Foundation, Auckland
- Memorials to Active Listening III, The Audio Foundation, Auckland
- Feedback Solos no. 2 & 3Projectspace B431, Auckland
- Untitled (Cross St.)4 Cross St., Auckland


Barely Audible Frequency no. 3, Galerie VŠUP, Prague
Presence.199Kuub Galerie, Utrecht
A Recording is a Recording is a Recording99Kuub Galerie, Utrecht
Memorials to Active Listening I, Public sculpture, Dunedin
Memorials to Active Listening IIDSA Gallery, Dunedin
Barely Audible Frequencies no. 4 - 8 (wall)DSA Gallery, Dunedin

Barely Audible Frequencies no. 1 & 2None Gallery, Dunedin